DL-400 PrepStation

  • $2,245.00

When preparing standards and diluting samples in an open lab there is always the possibility of airborne contamination from ceiling tiles, lab cooling and ventilation systems etc. The DL 400 PrepStation provides a convenient, clean space to work in, greatly minimizing the risk of contamination. A 4in. rear duct allows the DL 400 to be connected to the lab exhaust system when working with concentrated acids (flow rate of 400 CFM required), however it is not designed to be used for hot plate/block digestion or evaporation of acids. The DL 400 is manufactured by DetectionLimits in the USA from bonded 1/2in. thick transparent acrylic sheet on all sides, allowing for a well-lit working space. Easy access to the work area is provided via an open front panel and sides that are angled backwards. No metal components, screws or fittings are used, ensuring a clean working space for ultratrace analysis. A 3 å_in. lower front panel, and sealing on all joints provides protection from spillages.

DL 400 PrepStation drawing. Front face is open to allow full access. 4in. exhaust duct shown at rear.

DL 400 PrepStation shown next to ICP-MS


  • Benchtop hood for preparing standards
  • Manufactured from 1/2in. thick acrylic sheet. Joints are bonded, not screwed.
  • All non-metal construction.
  • Transparent on all sides and top to allow well lit working space.
  • Full width open front with angled sides ensuring good operator access.
  • Dimensions 31" W x 23.75" H x 24" D (tapering to approx. 16" depth at top).
  • Front panel raised to 3 3/4". All sides fully sealed to base to provide containment for spills.
  • 4" diameter duct at rear with protruding stub for connection to lab exhaust system
  • Required airflow rate: up to 400 CFM (exhaust fan not provided).
  • SampleStation ships fully assembled.
  • Manufactured in the USA.

    Note: the DL 400 is designed to be used as a clean space for the aliquotting of dilute samples and standards, not for hot plate/block digestion or evaporation of acids.åÊ

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