DetectionLimits LabStations are designed specifically for computer controlled lab instrumentation such as AA, ICP-OES, ICP-MS, GC, LC, GC/MS and LC/MS. Built to high specifications, our LabStations provide a solid, safe work platform for analytical instrument and sample introduction/sampling device such as an autosampler, GC, LC or CE.

Built-in PC, keyboard and monitor mounts reduce lab clutter and keep your computing equipment away from chemical spills. A PC holder mounts the PC under the work surface.  The keyboard and mouse sit on an articulated tray that swings under the work surface when not in use. The monitor is mounted on a fully articulated steel arm, adjustable for height and reach. LabStations are fitted with 4” total lock wheels, allowing you to configure your instrumentation and lab layout to meet your requirements..

LabStations are available in 4 standard different width sizes to suit different instrumentation (measurements shown below are depth x width x height). The model number denotes the work surface width in inches. Choose the width needed based on the size of your analytical instrument including the autosampler/sample introduction device.

The  LabStation 36 is ideal for a GC or LC, which can be moved next to an ICP-MS for GC-ICP-MS or LC-ICP-MS work. This configuration includes a 12” tall drawer and a full depth foot shelf.

The LabStation 84 is available with or without a cabinet to house a rotary pump. The cabinet is fitted with twin doors and is lined with sound deadening foam. A rear opening allows for cable and vacuum line connections and also for heat removal.