C-Flow Model Range

C-Flow 700

The C-Flow 700 is the newest and most versatile member of the C-Flow range. With a larger capillary ID than any other PFA nebulizer and larger than many glass nebulizers, the C-Flow 700 has unsurpassed matrix tolerance: 25% salt solutions and 80uM diameter articles can be aspirated with ease. Designed as a superior alternative to traditional glass concentric nebulizers for both ICP-OES and ICP-MS, the C-Flow 700 combines the high sensitivity of glass microconcentric nebulizers and matrix tolerance of high solids types nebulizers, with the added benefits of HF resistance, organics compatibility, lower blank contribution, rugged construction and zero dead volume.

The C-Flow 700 enables ICP-OES and ICP-MS users to standardize on a single nebulizer, greatly simplifying operation. The C-Flow can be used for every application – e.g. environmental, chemical, foods, pharma, nuclear, semiconductor, geochemical - except where ultra low uptake rates are needed.

While it can be used in free aspiration mode, the C-Flow 700 is intended to be used in pumped mode.

C-Flow 200

The C-Flow 200 is the standard version for semiconductor use with ICP-MS, where it is used in free aspiration mode, to avoid possible contamination from peri-pump tubing. In free aspiration mode it aspirates at 200uL/min. For micro volume samples, choose the C-Flow 100 or 50. With a larger capillary ID than the C-Flow 100 and 50, the C-Flow 200 is also surprisingly resistant to salting or clogging due to high TDS samples – when pumped it can tolerate >10% TDS. Beyond semiconductor applications, and where sample volume is limited, the C-Flow 200 operated in pumped mode is an excellent choice, and it can be operated at uptake rates as low as 100uL/min.

C-Flow 100

The C-Flow 100 is designed for applications that require free aspiration mode and a lower uptake rate in. It’s free aspiration uptakes rate of 100uL/min makes it an ideal fit for geochemical applications using desolvation devices such as the Cetac Aridus II and ESI Apex. It is typically used in free aspiration mode for geological isotope ratio (IR) measurements, since IR precision is degraded slightly by noise due to peri-pump fluctuations. It is less tolerant to high TDS samples than the C-Flow due to its smaller ID capillary.

C-Flow 50

The C-Flow 50 is designed for applications where sample volume is extremely limited. For geochemical applications using desolvation devices such as the Cetac Aridus II and ESI Apex, where 100uL/min flow rate is too high for the available sample volume, the C-Flow 50 is the best alternative.

In semiconductor applications, the C-Flow 50 is also the nebulizer of choice for high Si matrix (1000 ppm Si) and phosphoric acid analysis: although sample volume is not an issue, the los flow rate of the C-Flow 50 reduces sample loading on the plasma and makes routine analysis of these difficult sample matrices possible.

Certificate of Analysis

Every C-Flow is thoroughly tested at Savillex. Since the C-Flow 200, 100 and 50 are predominantly used in free aspiration mode, these nebulizers ship with a certificate of analysis showing free aspiration uptake rate over a range of nebulizer gas flow rates.

Test certificate of a C-Flow 50 showing uptake rate at different gas flows.