X-Flow PFA Cross Flow Nebulizer

The Savillex X-Flow cross flow nebulizer combines the matrix handling capability of a conventional cross flow with an all PFA construction for the highest chemical resistance. What makes the X-Flow unique is that the nebulizer gas and sample uptake tips are also formed from PFA – no platinum, alumina or sapphire inserts. The end cap is integrated into the molding and fits any 35mm Scott-type spray chamber. The design of the X-Flow enables a push-fit, gas tight seal with the spray chamber, without the need for O-rings.

Sample delivery is normally via a peri-pump, but the X-Flow also free aspirates. The X-Flow is available with different diameter uptake lines (giving free aspiration uptakes rates of 100µl/min, 400µl/min, 1000µl/min), connected by a zero dead volume push fit connector. Uptake lines are 70cm in length. It is also available with an optional make-up gas port.

Sample tip orifice diameter is 0.5mm, which makes it virtually impossible to clog the X-Flow. The X-Flow is only compatible with Scott-type spray chambers.

The low price and rugged design of the X-Flow makes it a great alternative to conventional high matrix nebulizers.