About Us

DetectionLimits was formed in 2011 by four individuals with a combined total of nearly 80 years experience in ICP-OES and ICP-MS analysis. All four started out as ICP-MS users, but have held various management positions within industry or with instrument manufacturers. Our individual expertise and achievements include delivering advanced ICP-MS training for a leading manufacturer, senior applications chemist for an ICP-MS manufacturer, building a world class semiconductor lab from the ground up for a chemicals company, presenting ICP-MS lectures worldwide, writing peer-reviewed papers, book chapters and books on ICP-MS, and senior manager for a leading ICP-MS company. At DetectionLimits, our expertise is at your service.

DetectionLimits is an authorized distributor for Savillex products.

Corporate Office 

750 E US Hwy 80
Suite 200-230
Forney, TX   75126