DetectionLimits LabStations are designed specifically for computer controlled lab instrumentation such as AA, ICP-OES, ICP-MS, GC, LC, GC/MS and LC/MS. Built to high specifications, our LabStations provide a solid, safe work platform for analytical instrument and sample introduction/sampling device such as an autosampler, GC, LC or CE.

Built-in PC, keyboard and monitor mounts reduce lab clutter and keep your computing equipment away from chemical spills. A PC holder mounts the PC under the work surface.  The keyboard and mouse sit on an articulated tray that swings under the work surface when not in use. The monitor is mounted on a fully articulated steel arm, adjustable for height and reach. LabStations are fitted with 4” total lock wheels, allowing you to configure your instrumentation and lab layout to meet your requirements..

LabStations are available in 4 standard different width sizes to suit different instrumentation (measurements shown below are depth x width x height). The model number denotes the work surface width in inches. Choose the width needed based on the size of your analytical instrument including the autosampler/sample introduction device.

The  LabStation 36 is ideal for a GC or LC, which can be moved next to an ICP-MS for GC-ICP-MS or LC-ICP-MS work. This configuration includes a 12” tall drawer and a full depth foot shelf.

The LabStation 84 is available with or without a cabinet to house a rotary pump. The cabinet is fitted with twin doors and is lined with sound deadening foam. A rear opening allows for cable and vacuum line connections and also for heat removal.

Specification sheets and drawings are available for each model below.

LabStation Models with Typical Application







LabStation 36


D30” x W36” x H35"


GC – e.g. Agilent 7890
LC - Agilent 1200 single or double stack


LabStation 60


D30” x W60” x H35"


Small ICP-MS with autosampler – e.g. Agilent 7700 with Cetac ASX 520


LabStation 72

LabStation 72 units shown here with Agilent 7500 Series ICP-MS and Cetac ASX-520 autosampler

D30” x W72” x H35"


Mid size ICP-MS with autosampler – e.g. Agilent 7500 with Cetac ASX 520


LabStation 84

LabStation 84 with pump cabinet – shown here with an Agilent 7700 Series ICP-MS and Cetac ASX 520

D30” x W84” x H35"


Larger ICP-OES with autosampler – e.g. Agilent 700 Series with SPS3.
LC with QQQ MS


LabStation 84
with pump cabinet


D30” x W84” x H35"


For ICP-MS, GC/MS or LC/MS where reduced rotary pump noise is required.


The LabStation Advantage

Unlike other lab benches, the DetectionLimits LabStation is manufactured specifically for analytical instrumentation. The fully welded steel frame is fabricated from 2” square section 16 gauge steel (some competitive products use 1.5” square section steel). The frame is powder coated for protection. The work surface is supported by 4 welded steel cross members running the full length of the bench for additional support. The foot shelf is 18” deep and supported by 2 steel cross members, making it an ideal location for a rotary pump, printer or , waste reservoir. 

Frame:  2” square, 16 gauge welded steel frame with integrated leg support cross member. Finish: textured powder coat paint in light blue
Work surface: Industrial grade particle board, fully sealed. Gray non-ESD (electrostatic discharge) laminated surface with black molded edge
Foot shelf: full width, 18” deep foot shelf supported by twin steel cross members.
Wheels: 4" diameter total lock casters (locks wheel rotation and swivel)
Max load weight: LabStations hold up to 1000 lbs (evenly distributed)
Monitor mount: 36" single rear upright, with articulating flat screen monitor arm in steel. Height adjustable
PC mount: under work surface
Keyboard mount: fully articulated monitor tray with palm rest and swing out mouse pad. Swings under the work surface when not in use.

Note: The monitor and PC mounts are on the left side of the LabStation as standard. However, they can be fitted on the right side on request

LabStations ship fully assembled. 


  • Move monitor and PC mounts to right side (left side mount is standard)
  • Delete monitor arm and keyboard shelf
  • Add 6” tall single drawer under work surface
  • Add double drawers (6” and 12” combo unit) under work surface