PFA Inert Kits

Savillex inert kits are available for the Agilent 7500, 7700 and 8800 Series ICP-MS, and the Thermo Element2 ICP-MS. The kits are available with sapphire or platinum torch injectors, and with optional gas addition ports. The kits include an end cap that accepts a C-Flow nebulizer or any nebulizer with a 6mm OD body, and can also be used with an X-Flow nebulizer.

The inert kits for Agilent ICP-MS are supplied with a genuine Agilent quartz torch and are supplied as original equipment with the 7500, 7700 and 8800 Series. These kits are the highest performing inert kits available for ICP-MS, and used by all leading semiconductor labs around the world.

Choose one of the kits under "Ordering information" and add one of the Savillex nebulizers to make a complete inert sample introduction system.

More information on the PFA inert kits can be found in the Savillex Technical Notes.

Inert sample introduction kits are used whenever HF containing samples are to be analyzed. However for semiconductor analysis with ICP-MS, PFA inert kits are widely used for all sample types due to the negligible background contribution. Savillex worked closely with leading ICP-MS manufacturers to design a Scott-type inert sample introduction kit with true double–pass design for superior RSDs. Careful design of the sample flow path and connectors also avoids the common problems seen in other inert sample introduction kits – namely droplet formation.