Products and Services for Trace Metals Analysis

DetectionLimits provides products and services that enable chemists to generate high quality trace metal analytical data in sub-optimal environments. At DetectionLimits we recognize that few labs can afford to put their ICP-OES and ICP-MS in a Class 100 clean room, or can afford to use high purity acids in large quantities. Excellent analytical data can be achieved with good technique and use of a few key products - even in relatively "dirty" labs. Starting with the sample solution, we manage the environment around it - and the materials that come into contact with it - from aliquotting to the point it reaches the plasma. We manufacture a metal-free autosampler enclosure and a metal-free hood for aliquotting and preparing standards.

For sample prep, storage and introduction to the plasma, there is no cleaner or more chemically inert material than PFA. We have partnered with Savillex to offer the highest quality PFA labware and PFA sample introduction systems designed specifically for ICP-OES and ICP-MS. We also offer the cleanest PFA bottles available, manufactured by Savillex using proprietary molding technology. And finally, for everyone tired of paying for expensive high purity acid, we stock the Savillex DST-1000 acid purification system. We develop and test all our products in our own analytical lab in St Charles, MO, to ensure they work in the real world.