C-Flow Gas Line Connection Kit 830-051

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The C-Flow features a reliable and secure threaded connector that accepts 4 mm OD nylon or PTFE gas line. However, for easy connection to the various gas lines found in different ICP-OES and ICP-MS instruments, a gas connection kit is included with each C-Flow (except C-Flow for Aridus II). The connection kit includes:

  • One meter of 4 mm OD PTFE gas line (connects to the threaded connector on the C-Flow body)
  • A Festo 4 mm/6 mm push fit connector (connects the supplied 4mm OD PTFE gas line to the 6 mm OD nylon gas line used in some instruments)
  • A barbed connector. The plain end of this connector connects to the threaded connector on the C-Flow body. The barbed end accepts Tygon gas line, which is commonly used on ICP-OES instruments.
  • Note: the PE NexION 2000 serice icp-MS uses 1/8" gas line. To connect a C-Flow to a NexION 2000, please order part #830-052.