C35 Nebulizer 800-1-003-01-00

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  • Microconcentric PFA nebulizer with constant diameter uptake line/capillary
  • High sensitivity, high efficiency
  • Robust - can be backflushed; no cleaning tools needed
  • 6 mm OD body with 4 mm gas port
  • Free aspirates at 35 µl/min +/-7 µl/min
  • Integrated 91 cm uptake line
  • Gas line connection kit included. For connection to the PE NexION 2000, order part #830-052.
  • Note: This nebulizer is designed for use only with standard sample introduction systems (ambient temp or chilled spray chamber). Where a desolvator is used, a nebulizer type “Nebulizer for Desolvators” must be selected.