PerkinElmer Inert Kit with 2.0 mm Pt Injector (NexION 300 Series) 850-011-100786

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  • PFA construction. O-ring free end cap with make up gas port and 6 mm OD nebulizer port
  • True double pass design for improved stability with high matrix samples
  • Kit includes spray chamber, end cap, drain connector (barbed), injector and holder and demountable quartz torch
  • Also includes cap nut to seal the make up gas port if not used
  • Designed to be used with the Savillex C-Flow PFA nebulizer but will accept any 6 mm OD nebulizer
    • Can also be used with a Savillex X-Flow nebulizer for very high TDS samples
  • Fits NexION 300 Series only – does not fit ELAN or NexION 2000 Series
  • All PFA parts precleaned in HNO3/HF