X1000 Nebulizer 810-1-100-00-00

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  • X-flow is designed to be pumped but free aspirates at ~1000 µL/min with this uptake line
  • Fits all Savillex Scott type spray chambers (and any 35 mm OD Scott type)
  • Extreme resistance to clogging 
  • Only high purity PFA contacts the sample
  • O‑ring free connections
  • Interchangeable uptake line. Line ID determines free aspiration uptake rate
  • Optional make-up gas port allows variation of total carrier gas flow while keeping nebulizer gas constant
  • Note: This nebulizer is designed for use only with standard sample introduction systems (ambient temp or chilled spray chamber). Where a desolvator is used, a nebulizer type “Nebulizer for Desolvators” must be selected.